First, cheering, then the high bill – Corona-Patient to pay for treatment over a Million of”my heart remained almost for the second Time to stand”: What happened to Michael Flor in the hospital and afterwards. 0 comment for two months in the hospital: Michael Flor were made per day on the ventilator 82’device 000 dollars. Keystone

After about two months of treatment his serious Covid-19-condition is a clinic in the vicinity of Seattle, has presented a 70-year-old U.S. citizens with a bill of over a Million dollars.

his heart had remained “almost for the second Time to stand”, as he had received the 181-page bill in the amount of 1.12 million dollars (about 1.18 million Swiss francs), said Michael Flor on Saturday, the “Seattle Times”.

Flor was on 4. March Covid-19 to Swedish hospital in Issaquah to be hospitalised. It was so bad that the nurses had to hold him one Evening the phone so he could take his wife and two children farewell. But he recovered, and on December 5. In may, the clinic under the Jubilation of the nursing staff to leave.

The bill came later, and according to that he should have to pay for, among other things, 9736 dollars per day in the ICU, 82’000 dollars for the 29-day use of a Ventilator and 100’000 dollars for his care as an acute care Patient is at risk.

According to the “Seattle Times” is the 70-Year-old on Medicare, the health insurance for senior citizens in the United States, secured. However, neither he nor Medicare for the astronomical sum will need to pay, reported the leaf and refers to the $ 100 million that the U.S. Congress hospitals for the treatment of Covid-19-want to compensate patients.


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