After the discovery of a Firework with a mirror of the swastika wrong on the packaging of the manufacturer, Weco has announced enlightenment. Any risk of repetition should be eliminated, the company said on Saturday in Eitorf. So far, only one case was known. The icon may correspond to a level of a swastika with an eagle, wrong figure, have been on the bottom of a produced in China floor fountain. A consumer have pointed out.

the company said the fireworks fountain “hell magic” will produced annually by the millions in China. Contrary to requirements, had been used in the case, there is no “ungestaltetes” paper. “In the Chinese market of paper shortage for many years,” said Weco, there are several papers from different sources come in the sequence.

The swastika-like Symbol remember a so-called Swastika-a Symbol used in Asia as a symbol of good Luck. Therefore, be ruled out that the China-based Supplier wanted to remind you of the Nazis and the used characters. Weco claims to be the market leader in Europe.