The fire zone East of Brabant, are doing a remarkable invitation: do you have a cat in your home and reduce your electric or induction? Put the child locks on to prevent fires. On Thursday, caused a cat to fire on a hob, to hop, and thus, inadvertently, the plate is set up. This is the third time this week that a cat in accidental fire.

The fire in the Centrum was created after a cat in an electric stove and jumped. Inadvertently put down the animal, the cooking, the fat fryers, which are on the plate, stood up, took hold of the fire. The good thing is the owners of the fire is under control, and fell, the damage is not too bad. “Just this week, I know of three fires, which, by a cat on a stove in a jump manner,” says brandveiligheidsadviseur Tim’s Images on Radio 2.

For this reason, the fire zone East of Brabant, and now a call to “Set your induction hob to child lock. Can you have a pet, it is not unconscious to activate it. If you do not have parental control, you make sure that there is nothing on it. This is the best thing you can do, because we often get calls in from the small fires that have been caused by a cat, who is out on an adventure that attracts.”

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