finance minister Katri Kulmuni (kesk.) against the requests of the euro countries a common share of the burden.

Kulmuni said to Yle on Thursday that the solidarity debt should not add to the crisis under the guise of.

Nine euro countries would want to use the so-called the corona bond, i.e., common bonds, corona virus caused by the economic crisis in the.

Their position are corona virus badly affected Italy and Spain. Joint access to funding support are also France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Slovenia.

the Opponents are in addition to Finland, at least the Dutch and the European superpower-Germany.

Kulmuni said that the corona bond, you are “pretty much” the same thing as eurobonds, with Finland opposed to a decade ago the euro during the crisis. According to him, the line is not in the last ten years changed.

– the Situation and the crisis, where Europe is, not due to any country’s economic policy, but it’s from outside interference. The best we can do jointly to help take care of by the first place pharmaceutical management, supply and this kind of thing, Kulmuni combat.

leaders of EU countries are to negotiate economic aid action today, Thursday, the video conference at 17 Finnish time. In finland meeting with the participation of the prime minister of Sanna Marin (sd.).

Kulmuni: Disagreements over joint debt have not gone away

the European central bank’s management has appealed to joint action on behalf of the and said that without a common debt, Europe will not survive the corona of the crisis. Kulmunin message, however, is that each country is responsible for its own economic policies.

– As Finland has done, and so we assume all countries do, Kulmuni said.

They differences, what countries have had a decade ago regarding, say, bonds, I don’t think they have any lost. We need to find solutions, which are the countries economically sustainable also after this crisis, too.

in Europe is a serious concern that the situation could escalate into a new financial crisis. Kulmuni to emphasize, however, that it is now a health-related crisis, which is important to take care of first. He continued that Finland is also at the core of the common currency, the euro, and economic security.

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