Financial help for Amateurs – Up to 120‘000 Swiss francs for the Zurich sports club Eder, head of the Sportamts of the Canton provides for the consequences of the Corona-crisis every day. In the case of Stefan Schötzau already over 100 Clubs have requested from the sport help. Etienne Sticher0 comment because of the season-leaving the super was not final. The Kloten-Dietlikon Jets a lot of money is missing that’s why. However, the cantonal sports Department, the grip you under the arms.Photo: Ennio Leanza (Keystone)

Today is Saturday, it is so far. Finally Amateurs are allowed to train on the course and normal. And the next season, nothing stands in the way. Many associations can look to the future with optimism. Also thanks to the financial help of the Canton.

“This post was an extreme support,” says Andi Rebsamen, the Co-President of the floorball clubs Kloten-Dietlikon Jets. “For us, it looks pretty good.” His club is one of more than 100 who have applied for financial aid to the Canton. Stefan Schötzau, chief of the cantonal Sportamts, believes that until the Entry deadline of the end of June a few will be added.

“Quickly and unbureaucratically”

The government said to the sports Department of the Canton of Zurich CHF 2 million from the lottery funds to sport clubs and to help associations in Need. 750‘000 Swiss francs went to 40 clubs. The largest contribution was 120‘000 Swiss francs, but most could be helped with far smaller amounts.

As in “quickly and unbureaucratically” is touted to the help on the Website of the cantonal Sportamts. And so they came also. Some of the money was within a week on the account. You have only requested documents, which should have a club already, says Schötzau. In addition to the annual accounts and the Budget of the sports Department wanted to see a fortune card.

You assume that only those associations that really need help, says Erika Herzig, spokesperson for the security Directorate that belongs to the sports Department. “Because it needs a certain amount of effort, all of the documents to prepare.” You have also spoken to Unite, who would have rather hesitated to apply for help. The clubs should also take own measures, says Schötzau, “because we make only a contribution and not take all the damage.”

You have it lined up very quickly, so the Department head. “We have sent a signal to the Clubs that we are here for you.” When the Federal had been at the beginning, the criteria are unclear. Helped the start of this, only Clubs which were, immediately prior to the insolvency. “We have advised our clubs,” says Schötzau. The sports Department of the Canton of Zurich had agreed with the Federal government and some of the more referred to, “when it came to acute Distress”.

Different situations in the Clubs

Many clubs have huge losses due to cancelled events. For the Kloten-Dietlikon Jets, the super was final weight. The Swiss champion in floorball, the men and women are determined in each case at an Event in Kloten. The Jets will be organising this as a local OK, get a lump sum from the Association, and may engage a part of the gastronomy. “This is a nice amount that we have budgeted,” said Rebsamen. Add to that the Playoff was. This season, phase of the club-generated revenue in accordance with the Co-presidents of practically all the spectators. In addition, money is missing, because of, past Junior camps and tournaments. The bottom line is around 80‘000 Swiss francs, together. 62‘000, the Canton took over.

“we are the biggest revenue comes in addition to sponsorships and members contributions, from Helping at events,” says Ursula Staufer, Co-President of the volleyball club Smash Winterthur. And because of the Corona-crisis festival were cancelled, some of the Albani, the turn, the Coop beach tour, a soccer Public Viewing. The loss of revenue through lack of spectators are less bad. The occurrence of the VC Smash is not required, “because no one else is coming,” says Staufer. And also the consumption of the viewers is not a lot of weight. With the 8000 francs that the club got from the Canton, can be approximately half of the failures are covered.

FC Altstetten, however, the lack of consumption of the audience falls into weight. In a home game, take 500 to 1500 francs, with the local club, says club President Christian Hausammann. 6000 francs, the club got from the Canton. And it is my hope that the Events, for example, the spring can be fixed with the race sponsors in the autumn of rescheduled, so the house of Ammann.

“associations are relevant to the system”

2400 sports clubs there are in the Canton of Zurich, and “without this, not much,” so Schötzau runs in the Sport. “We are dependent on you. They are system-relevant.” Because without the Clubs there is much less of village life. “Clubs provide social cohesion,” says Schötzau. He had also seen a lot of solidarity within the club.

The agrees also the house of Ammann. No member or Sponsor and have not asked at FC Altstetten money back. The Trainer would have even waived part of their remuneration. Also in the Kloten-Dietlikon Jets that was the case, according to Rebsamen “of the national League A and B coaches to the Junior”. So you have 50‘000 Swiss francs to save.

What is preparing to the Clubs but for next season a big Worry, are the sponsors. Whether or not a certain jump, not white Staufer yet. In Kloten-Dietlikon not have already been able to afford in the aborted season all of the agreed contribution. “We are in conversation with all of our sponsors,” said Rebsamen. It’ll be sure to give those that could not pay the full contribution.

Also, for the house of Ammann is the sponsorship are the big Unknown revenue. A prediction – how much is eliminated, not he dares. “It is time will be delayed noticeably,” he says. However, for the case that the consequences of the crisis until later, insured Schötzau: “We’ll let our clubs do not hang.”

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