Film premieres – The Latest in the Zurich cinema Michel Houellebecq is kidnapped, or an arsonist returns to the home to: to see The there in the cinema premieres of the week.Filmredaktion0 comment Sergio (Diego Peretti, r.) lives of sex role in the Drama “Iniciales S. G.”L’enlèvement de Michel Houellebecq

Comedy from Guillaume Nicloux F 2014; 102 min.

writer Michel Houellebecq plays himself in this Film, in which he is kidnapped.

the Arthouse Movie

Iniciales S. G.

the Drama of Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia Arg 2019; 98 min.

Serge Gainsbourg is the model of the actor Sergio (Diego Peretti). He himself, however, with sex role over water.

the Arthouse Movie, Riffraff

It Must Be Heaven

Comedy Elia Suleiman F /Qatar / D / Ka / door 2019; 102 min.

The Palestinian Director Elia Suleiman plays himself in this Comedy, in which he travels the world to shoot a Film.

Arena, Riffraff

O que arde

Drama by Oliver Laxe, E / F /Lux 2019; 85 min.

An arsonist (Amador Arias) returns to the detention in his home village. As it comes to a devastating fire.

Xenix: Mo 22.6.-Mi 24.6., Mo 6.7.-Mi 8.7. (Series: favorite movies)

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