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Hundreds of thousands of drivers will go out today to the roads by the end of the alarm state and you will find the prices of the fuels cheaper than when the Government decreed this exceptional measure for the Covid-19 last march 14.

The average prices of the petrol of 95 octane, and diesel fuel To automotive have been lower 13% . This translates to filling up a tank of 50 litres of a vehicle costs about 8 euro less than the weekend in which was decreed the state of alarm.

Even prices fell in may to annual minimum , when the liter of gasoline was in 1,072 euros and the diesel fuel in 0,980 euros. Currently, according to the bulletin of oil in the EU, the gasoline costs on average in our country 1,119 euros a litre and diesel 1,019 euros.

In any case, since the beginning of the year gasoline has dropped 15% and diesel 18% . In the same period, the price of oil has fallen by more than 36%.

The Brent crude oil started the year at 66 dollars per barrel and he came to break up the $ 19 to the 21 of April , above all, the dramatic decline of the demand for global petroleum as a result of the restrictions on the carriage in force in almost all countries by the pandemic of the coronavirus.

however, trimming of the historic production of crude of almost 10 million barrels a day approved by the OPEC+ at the beginning of this month, coupled with the slow recovery of the demand, are fuelling the rise in prices. Last Friday, Brent closed already above $ 42 a barrel.