Higher tax revenues and lower spending than planned, German Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD) in the past year, according to figures from the government a Surplus of 11.2 billion euros in circles. For the coming years are not yet specifically planned reserve of the Federal increases, according to a high-ranking government representative from Friday to 12.8 billion euros.

The preliminary final, but still bring in “no more Budget leeway, compared to what we have taken into account in financial planning.” The funds are needed, therefore, for well-known projects, such as the implementation of all-day school programme and the financing of the planned tax promotion of research in companies.

the Fifth Surplus in a row

It is the fifth of the Federal budget in a row, finishes with a Surplus. With the first he is responsible and household Scholz narrowly missed the all-time record net income of twelve billion euros in the year 2015. Decisive for the high Surplus in the good state of the economy with a high employment.

The tax revenues were 322,4 billion euros to approximately 1.1 billion euros higher than planned. The expenses were with EUR 337.1 billion euros to 6.5 billion euros behind the plans.