Christina Geiger comes before the most important weeks of the season in the Form of and managed with their best world Cup result since more than seven years, the qualification for the world Cup. The skier raced in the Slalom in Zagreb on Saturday in fifth place and must plan the trip to the Swedish Are. “I’m ecstatic about the race and the world Cup qualification. Finally, a good feeling,“ said Geiger. “It didn’t feel really good, the run was very difficult. But I thought to myself, I want to finally see the One, when I get down there.“

The 28-Year-old confirmed her ascending Form. On the Semmering was managed before in the final was a good first run, in the City Event in Oslo, she took on new year’s rank of seven. In Zagreb, improved Geiger to eleventh place in the first round, thanks to the third-best time in the final in the Top Five: “That’s cool. I have nothing to lose, I just have to give everything.“

Alpine chef Wolfgang Maier, there was a praise: “A good idea, a good performance from her. In the area, we expect to see you. The Podium is not mandatory, it is the placements of between five and ten,“ he told the German press Agency. “There is a trend showing a turnaround of their performance.” The victory went once again to Mikaela Shiffrin.

For Geiger, it was the best Slalom result since their fourth place in Lienz at the end of December 2011. A fifth place in the Problem-discipline of the German ski Federation last updated in February 2015 by Lena Dürr, the missed in Zagreb in the second round again, and more to their world Cup participation must tremble. Dürr, a second Top-15 result this season, missing the world Cup standard yet. Opportunities in the Slalom, only in Flachau on Tuesday and in Maribor at the beginning of February. Also, Marlene Schmotz and Jessica Hilzinger in need of, in spite of the last good rides and results.