Fernando Gaviria last Thursday’s opening stage at the Tour of Guangxi (Chn/world tour) to his name. The Colombian, from the UAE, Team Emirates is hurried after 135,6 km) in Behai, to win in a bunch sprint. He took it to the German, Pascal Ackermann (Good-bath), and the Italian rider Matteo Trentin (Mitchelton Scott). Gaviria is also the leader.

the Tour of Guangxi is the last race on the world tour with the program. In the first stage with start and finish in Behai, went on mostly flat roads and it was on a paper run for the riders in the race. Fernando Gaviria, Pascal Ackermann and Matteo Trentin, was in the suit, germany, limited in China, but that did not prevent the appearance of the building, little opportunity was given to it.

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Ryan Mullen, Mikkel Frolich and Joseph Cerny drove to a maximum bonus of two minutes of each other, and Bars-bath and the UAE Team, Emirates took responsibility for the chase. With Mullen, it was the last vluchter 20 miles from the end, caught up in it, and then gave a few bold chances. Benjamin Perry jumped in the way and it was a long time before the pack, as a group, by Rémi Cavagna. Add a little something extra, and there, in an attack that gives the Campenaerts, about 9.7 miles from the end of the night. He was awarded the companion of Julius, of the Mountain.

The duo drove to a lead of 14 seconds of each other, especially in the werelduurrecordhouder pulled really hard on the head. Van den Berg, bowed his head, just 3.5 km away, and finally saw the Campenaerts of the bunch, at about 2.4 miles from the finish line back. It came down to a sprint finish, Mitchelton-Scott has created a nice little train for Matteo Trentin, but had to settle with a third place finish. The win went to Fernando Gaviria who with a special jump and another past the Ackermann jump.

It is which today hosts his first win since the third stage of the Tour of Italy, then, after the decommissioning of Elia Viviani for the victory and the gift was given. It’s only a five-bloemenruiker of a season that was animated due to the risk of injury. (the eu position).

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