The us Central Bank, the Federal Reserve has pressed the pause button. Statements of its President, Jerome Powell and his colleagues make it clear that the next interest rate move is in the offing in the near term. The ancient rhythm that brought in every quarter, a rate increase is broken. Two, instead of the predicted four rate hikes now seem to be realistic.

The Central bankers expect, although quite clearly no recession, the global gathering risks have still no precipitation in the business call data is found. They see no pressing need to follow the current monetary policy path at the same pace as in the past. This turn is likely to have as an interesting side effect that you should relax the relationship of the Fed to the White house.

The question of whether President Donald trump have found harsh warnings of a rate increase hearing, is idle. Today, the Fed and Trump seem to be the economic situation to assess. The Central Bank took probably a little longer because they wanted to evaluate the real economic data. Trump has to rely on his Intuition.