The Federal network Agency has settled on a route for the power line “Ultranet” by Hesse. You should approximately result 60 kilometers from the South Hessian Ried Stadt to Mannheim-wall town in Baden-Württemberg, as the Agency reported on Monday in Bonn, Germany. The route the course is largely along existing power lines, about Pfungstadt, Bürstadt and Lampertheim.

The high-voltage direct current connection “Ultranet” runs 340 kilometers long from Osterath in North Rhine-Westphalia to Philippsburg in Baden-Württemberg. You will be transported to the coast produced wind power in the South of Germany. The commissioning is scheduled for the year 2023. Until then, the Federal network Agency has to approve yet another four sections.

In Hesse, Germany, a plan approval procedure. The exact course of the route is set. Before the Federal network Agency issued its decision, it had carried out a public request conferences in Mainz and Bingen, as well as a discussion date in Worms. Here, objections from the population and the authorities were discussed.