The Dutch gevangenisboot Reno, nevada, will arrive in Ghent, a temporary shelter, to provide for up to 250 asylum seekers. That report Fedasil. There will be a period of at least two years of asylum-seekers from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, are to be found. In december it will open a temporary asielcentrum.

In the 2016 and 2017 that were once asylum seekers are to be found in the opvangponton the Rigakaai, especially in the wake of the asielcrisis by the end of 2015. Fedasil is facing currently, again, with the lack of capacity and asked the Gent in order to offer to families and single persons from the conflict areas.

The city council is going to be in demand. “Ghent is an open and inclusive city and wants to take responsibility for the people that need help,” says the ships are from the Social policy & Poverty Rudy Coddens (Sp.(a). “It’s supposed to be in the Gent-fashion: not only a bed, a bath, a loaf of bread, but it is also a strong support. This will give the newcomers every opportunity to start a new life.” The city invests and, therefore, about 720,000 euro in the front, and there will be a group of 40 people are employed in. After the initial start-up phase, it will Fedasil, a vrijwilligerswerking to put into place and residents can be invited for a further meeting. The Flemish government will take a share of the costs.

On the 4th of november, a informatiemoment is planned that the plans for the community are reviewed.

More about Fedasil the New website of Fedasil needs of asylum seekers in Belgium, to better inform you, Theo Francken, it complains again for Fedasil to connect with iron bars beat up: vengeance, because the wife of the perpetrator raped her, it was in the asielcentrum Fedasil opened in October and is temporarily asielcentrum in Two