More than three-quarters of all British industries fear delays in goods trade by strengthening border controls after the Brexit. 76% of the surveyed companies see it as a risk for their business, said the industry Association, EDF on Monday.

Many of the Details of leaving the EU by the end of March are still unclear, which complicates business planning. The industry Association noted, among other things, to stronger fluctuations in the currency markets as well as higher procurement costs than concrete loads.

The end of March planned withdrawal from the European Union unsettles many British. They fear in particular economic disadvantages to leaving the EU without agreement.

Run on EU passports

in view of the forthcoming Brexits the number of applications for citizenship of British, in many EU countries increased significantly. This applies, among other things, for Germany, Ireland, Portugal and Sweden, as a survey of the German press Agency revealed. The Run of British passports from other countries began with the Brexit Referendum in the year 2016. The individual EU member States set the hurdles for naturalization.

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May again appealed to the Parliament to vote for the Brexit Treaty. Otherwise, the threatened economic damage and the confidence in democracy is dwindling. The UK is facing a “profound challenge,” wrote May in the newspaper “Mail on Sunday”.