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Matthias Alexander

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F. A. Z.

Never change a winning team, is an old coach’s wisdom. After the state election, which ended with the CDU in a debacle that would have been Prime Minister had, therefore, every reason for changes in his Cabinet team. Would have noticed, probably, because it’s different come. All are not allowed to keep their Posts, as far as their responsibilities go to the Green. The Volker Bouffier announced yesterday in Wiesbaden, Germany. And there is the previously reported new digital Minister is Katarina Sinemus, of which you read today is a portrait from the pen of the Darmstadt-correspondent Rainer Hein. And our country tags correspondent Ewald Hetrodt reported, as the Opposition to the person alien. In his commentary he provides two explanations for Bouffiers human Hesitancy. One is obvious: Bouffier can use given the very brief black-and-green majority in the Landtag in no uncertain Kantonisten. And the second, a particularly interesting statement? We will not reveal here.

As a Symbol of the stability culture to the Bundesbank and the Western post-war Germany – so charming-characterized member of the management Board Johannes beermann, yesterday, the headquarters of the Central Bank in Frankfurt-Bockenheim. Wherein the construction of the offices of ABB at a closer Look, actually has its qualities. Because the Bundesbank wants to bring her Frankfurter employees who currently work in different locations, at headquarters, there are extension buildings. Yesterday, the results of the cities were presented architectural concept competition for the first time in public. The winner, the Frankfurt architect Ferdinand Heide, which is not proposed in the North of the main house, three discs, which project beyond the existing Building. The construction of a full-blown high-rise building, the Bundesbank has Reportedly been eyeing to be able to self-confident to the ECB at the other end of the city over to greet, was refused by the city. Anyone looking at the image of the winning design must be able to abstract a little. As the new buildings will look in more Detail, it will be decided in further competitions.

if You thought Yes, it’s been on all the channels sufficiently on the impact of yesterday’s warning Strikes of security personnel at Frankfurt airport and seven other German Airports pointed out. Except for connecting flights, there will be no flights, was the unmistakable message. However, a few lost people have encountered our Reporter Alexander Davydov in the Terminals. Allegedly, the airlines and tour operators had informed them incorrectly. Up to the 23. January is probably the first to strike, break, then will be negotiated in Berlin.

And also: is also considered from the protection of the Constitution in Hesse, to make the AfD a so-called test case; will the circle Groß-Gerau its transport fleet by 2030, completely pollution-free drive switch; the regional Association of a concept for a cable car from Parking on the periphery to U-Bahn stations in Frankfurt in order.

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