With wedding couples is the Frankfurt Romans, by far, the most popular test place in the city for the marriage. As the city announced on Monday, in the past year 2351, the a total of 3197 couples there trust. In the bolongaro Palace in Höchst district only 729 pairs gave the Yes-word.

Far behind in terms of popularity of the palm garden (98), the chapel of St Nicholas (11) and the Seckbacher Rathaus (8). Overall, the number of marriages had increased, according to the city, especially since in Germany since the 1. October 2017 can also marry same-sex couples. In the year 2017, there had been in Frankfurt, a total of 2823 weddings.

the number of newborns increased by 2018 to the 15. Times in a row. In the two office districts 13 207 birth certifications were counted. 32 per cent of the mothers came from the Frankfurt and surrounding region.