identified in The event of a house fire in Michelstadt (Odenwald) found dead body. It is the 67-year-old resident of the burned-out house, such as the police and the Prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday. The result was a DNA analysis. The investigators of arson and a working group with six officials.

Thus, is to find out the “AG forest street”, whether there is a connection with other fires in Bad König and Erbach. Investigations suggest that fires in the bathroom, king – as well as the fire in Michel city – on the evening of the 28. December. Residents in the district of Zell would have deleted the fire in several of the gardens themselves. The smaller fires were about a half an hour before the outbreak of the fire in a few kilometers away, Michel city.

According to the police, also the fire could be used in a Erbacher elementary school at the end of November with the fire in the bathroom of the king, and Michelstadt. Investigators do not exclude, that in all three locations, the same brand of goods, founder at the factory. According to the authorities, 25 notes of witnesses were received up to Wednesday. A concrete track has not yet been.