Fatal accident in 2019 in Baden – Saib remains a residual risk in the case of SBB-TürenIm August 2019 came a train Manager killed after he was trapped in a door and dragged along. Now, the final report of the accident investigation is.Since the fatal accident in August 2019, the SBB have implemented a number of measures.Photo: Ennio Leanza/Keystone

After the fatal accident of a Zugchefs in August, 2019 in Baden SBB have implemented the recommendations of the authorities and the departure process. According to the Swiss safety investigation Board (Saib) is in a case, furthermore, a “security deficit”.

The Sust looks at the residual risk in your on Tuesday to publish the final report on fatal work-related accidents in railway stations, in the case where the exit permission for train compositions the car with the unit IV is yet to be issued by means of a check box. In these stations, the railway staff issued exit permit before he gets on the train and its door closes.

If a technical Defect in the door was going to the door when the driver closed back are reported, although this was not yet closed, it is said in the Saib report: “the risk is that the train leaves before the Manager is started, continue.” Against this Background, the Saib recommends to check the SBB, whether the risk for the train steward to be portable.

as Much time as needed for required quality

The SBB assessed according to its own information of this residual risk in the introduction of the new clearance process that was adapted from the end of September 2019. With the new door control switch additional technical security built in barrier, so that the doors would be reported to the Crews a reliable as a “closed” back, holding the SBB in a media release.

The Saib writes in its final report, also, that when the door control provided for, and all five days of the due maintenance module, the time was not sufficient to control all that is Necessary. The SBB indicate that it was experience and not to the timing.

The employees were stopped ends, as much time as you need to spend to be able to do the work in the required quality to run. The knowledge of the Saib had been for the determination of the design values of these maintenance modules into consideration, hold on to the SBB.

increase security

The SBB also suggest, after the fatal work accident a number of measures had been taken to increase the safety for employees and travelers. You have drawn a “comprehensive Doctrines” from the accident. The Saib confirmed in its final report that the two by the Swiss Federal office for transport (BAV) had recommendations have been implemented.

The accident in Baden, on 4. August 2019 had been pinched, the 54-year-old Manager of the inter-Regio Basel-Zurich at the departure process at the station during the closing cycle, the door, and dragged. He suffered fatal injuries.

The rollback function did not work, such as Saib held in its interim report a few weeks after the accident. The control system could show the driver the wrong information.