Don’t fall into their trap. Scammers know neither vacations nor public holidays and above all, they adapt to seasonality to better catch you in their net. Unsurprisingly, new scams have been circulating in France in recent days, by email and SMS. If the great classics do not go out of style, some new ones are still worth noting… So beware, especially as Black Friday and Christmas approach, these fraudulent messages will multiply.

Despite the various alerts from the authorities, the media and even many companies whose name is usurped, these SMS spams continue to claim many victims. The 33 700 site lists the elements that should alert you when you receive a message:

If you receive this type of SMS, it is essential to report it to 33700 because, as the site explains, this “allows the transmission of spam numbers to telephone operators”. The latter can thus cut off the issuing number and, in the most serious cases, lodge a complaint with the police services concerned.

You have all the keys in hand to recognize spam by SMS. By e-mail, pay more attention to the links and attachments that are sent to you. So be careful if you receive one of the messages listed below on your mobile in the next few days, because they are circulating at the moment.