Since his early career, the sexagenarian has always made it a point of honor to remain discreet about his private life. It was not until 2016 on Marc-Olivier Fogiel’s Le Divan show that the son of director Georges Wilson revealed his bisexuality.

“What interests me is love with a capital A. The detail of sex is not interesting. I have loved women, I have loved men… It’s detail that. What matters is love with a capital A. It is the beings that we meet“, he had declared.

The one who had played the role of Abbé Pierre in the feature film Winter 54, Abbé Pierre in 1989 had revealed that he had a real crush on the latter. “Love is made up of things so much more complex than sex, in which there may or may not be sensuality. For example, I had such a strong love story with Abbé Pierre. We loved each other at first glance. It was love at first sight! And yet, it is obvious that I did not sleep with Abbé Pierre”, he explained.

At the time, the actor had also revealed to be single in the columns of the magazine Paris Match. “Right now, I’m alone and I’m doing very well (…) After having practiced the frantic quest for the ideal person, I want to wait for a real story, taking the risk that it will not happen not”. Since these confidences, no one knows if the star has found love or not.

Lambert Wilson is the son of two famous comedians, Nicole and Georges Wilson. About his father, the actor had said: “I spent my life building myself against it. I often considered him dangerous, but at the same time I found him upsetting with his pain and injuries” , he declared to Psychologies Magazine in 2010. At the death of the latter, the links would not have intensified with his older brother as he had confided to our colleagues.

“Absolutely not, on the contrary, he drove us away. The death of parents is also an opportunity for settling scores against a backdrop of memories to share, ‘I’ll take this’, ‘I’ll leave that to you’… We we no longer have contact and I am very sorry about it”, he explained at the time.

Invited to the show En aparté in December 2021, comedian Lambert Wilson returned to the controversy that arose around Roman Polanski during the César ceremony in 2020. The director, accused of rape, had been awarded a prize. A distinction that had not pleased Florence Foresti, mistress of ceremonies, who had decided not to go back on stage.

On this subject, Lambert Wilson had declared at the time on France info: “I am very angry. It’s nonsense. If we believe that there is something wrong in the fact that Polanski have appointments, so we don’t come and we don’t leave in the middle of the ceremony (…) And what’s more, what are we going to remember from the lives of these people compared to the enormity of the Polanski myth? Who are these people? They are tiny!”.

An interview which had had several consequences for the actor since he had been ousted from Greenpeace. “I expressed reservations about the Cesar ceremony and more particularly about the way it had taken place and the way Florence Foresti had carried out her mastery of ceremony about Polanski. And the result is that I got fired from Greenpeace (…) I was really a spokesperson for Greenpeace and because I expressed something that seemed to endorse the Polanski case, which was not the case, I was fired two days later without any other form of trial”, he explained in 2021.