A mom from a small town in the Us state of Missouri has, out of sheer desperation, take pictures of her heroin-addict son and shared it on Facebook. So, Jennifer Salfen-Tracy, others warn of the destructive force of the harddrug.

In the seven-month period of time, she saw to her firm, out of health, she’s son Cody will turn into an emaciated wreck. Not only that, Cody, is now homeless and is wandering around in the Las Vegas area.

the Bill says that the placement of the photos, its a pain to do, but she decided to take action. “This is not just a problem for my family, but for most of us who have an addict in his immediate environment,” she says.

Meanwhile, going to be the post to be viral, and the story of all of 53.000 once shared. However, her son has been weeks and nothing is heard of it. “You hear that, it’s so bad it’s really bad, but it’s even worse if you don’t hear anything,” she concluded.