It is one of europe’s voetbalweek with Club Brugge, Genk, Standard and AA Gent, but that’s not to say that there will be no Belgian facility news to pick it up, it is.

FINAL RESULT. “With Bölöni, there is no problem”

Laszlo Bölöni is becoming under attack from Antwerp, and after 2 to 9, and with the growing concern about the lack of authority and discipline in the locker room. However, the club does not yet paniekvoetbal. The 66-year-old Romanian, just stays on as a coach, ” says president Paul Gheysens, who, after the defeat at KV Mechelen, however, it’s wrong and not in the name of the most nice-to-have. “There is no problem with Bölöni. It just keeps doing their job,” said Gheysens. “That’s a lack of discipline, it is also a blow up. There were a few riots, but there is still plenty of discipline below to Laszlo, and he can be really strictly out of the crowd. And it’s not because it’s in a couple of weeks of pain, all of that is suddenly a bad thing? There are a couple of mistakes have been made, but there is nothing structurally wrong. The team is just a little bit later on formulated and as a result will take some more time. But, in fact, we are still perfectly on track. If we have a Saturday in Kortrijk right, we broke up, I’m sure of it.” dvd.

(KV MECHELEN, belgium. Best-running candidate in the 14th year of

now, KV Mechelen, with twenty points after the eleven days of the best running candidate, since the introduction of the playoff system in 2009). Malinwa punch, with a powerful seizoensbegin Antwerp, the seat of power, and that of two seasons ago and started off with 18 and 33.

as of The last promoted team, who, after eleven days, twenty points (or more) that had been collected, it was Zulte Waregem in 2005-2006. In their debuutseizoen at the highest level, the names of the former semiprofs of the Essevee are a good start, with 20 to 33. Team Francky Dury was then, finally, on the seventh, but picked up the cup, and had qualified for the season after the leagues of the UEFA Cup.

The best running candidate of the last forty years, it is still one of the Club Brugge in 1979-80. The club ended up at the same time, however, only on the tenth place. (thst, full).

KV OOSTENDE. Kustboys get annoyed at the bad speelmomenten

supportersfederatie Kustboys annoyed by the bad timing of the movements during the month. “We have three low speelmomenten: Sunday night in Three on Friday at KV Mechelen and Charleroi, via the ring road of Antwerp, or to Brussels,” said interim president Peter Van Nuffel. (rpo).

in the STANDARD. No Emond

Emond (shin bone), Limbombe (knee), and Goreux (hamstring) were not able to test it. Frankfurt should be no Almamy Touré put. In the model four weeks, due to a dijblessure. The post suggested by Daniel Stefanski as the referee for the Germany Standard. The Pool did earlier in the season, and the match Gent-Ri-jeka, and last year the Liverpool-Career. (system)

(ZULTE WAREGEM, belgium. Essevee complains, “challenging stadionspeaker” of Kortrijk

you can Get the spider-man Kortrijk-Zulte Waregem (2-0) in a pony-tail? Kortrijk have won it for the sixth time in a row, and afterwards gave it to the stadionspeaker the Essevee fans have a tip for santa Claus: “It’s a game to six in a row.”

For Zulte Waregem they could not to laugh. The club said that as the representative of the football association, which note was recorded at its matchverslag for ‘offensive and inflammatory’. Zulte Waregem reacted also on the web site. “The stadionspeaker felt the need to have our fans in an unprofessional and inappropriate manner, it’s too late! We do not accept any form of challenging behaviour, and to rely on one’s common sense. For the derby, we highlighted the importance of the atmosphere and the safety and security of the stadium.” (jug).

The players were given yesterday an the day is free. Today, it is one of two times in the training. Bansen and, This, are, out, Saido Berahino was the match against Oostende is suspended due to two yellow cards in the Vlasico. The promises made were played yesterday in Asia. (pr)

WAASLAND-BEVEREN (belgium). Players have to be present to Life

Last Sunday it stopped Waasland-Beveren will have a run training. All of the players are lined up at the start on the Life, career Beveren (belgium), for the benefit of the Foundation for the fight against Cancer. The elf basisspelers walked for twenty minutes, while the others ran for forty minutes. The Composer, Liessens, Gamboa, Vukcevic, Immediate, Dhauholou, and Verreth, were called up to the promises made. (whb).

Suspended Lardot returned if VAR

The Referee’s Department suspended Jonathan Lardot make will be heroptreden if the VAR is in the game KV Mechelen-STVV: Wednesday, October 31. After the Club Brugge-AA Gent was Lardot for a two-week suspension. “Lardot had been in the protocol for the communication with the press has not followed up as well,” explains Frank De Bleeckere, the president of the awards is increasing. ”Refs are allowed to talk to the press, but they are just like clubs, and some guidelines for you to follow.” (lvdw).

find out More about KV Mechelen SJOTCAST. Is that Anderlecht finally went? Episode 11 is online now! KV Mechelen after a nice 10 to 15 in the house more firmly in the top six: brilliant, in each and every line of Girl Most of all, praise, KV Mechelen and the “best of the left, of Belgium, but it puts the finger on the wound in a Standard and STVV-KV Mechelen at right, Antwerp, and establishes himself firmly in the top six