Genk coach Felice Mazzu is on the look out for the bekermatch against the Town this evening, although he was sore afraid, and Hrosovsky have a rest. For STVV, is a defender Jorge Teixeira out for the ‘ Limburgse derby this weekend. Your facility news of the day.

THE FIRST DIVISION SOCCER TEAM KRC GENK. Mazzu: “Shutdown not allowed”

The newly released 4-4-2 system will continue to develop, at the same time, players will time out, without the bekerkwalificatie on the edge. That’s the balancing act where you Felice Mazzu against the Town for the position. On paper, the champion trouble-free over a play in the amateurliga get. However, the Genk coach to be on his guard. “I’m in Town a visit. It was a very good talk as a whole. It’s a very ambitious club, who are out want to do with the title. You know, in the first round of the Cup there are always surprises. So, I bought it with WS Woluwe / Woluwe saint etienne beginner classes were available in the city of Lokeren and Zulte Waregem off. We need this game to take very seriously. I want players with hunger. Hopefully, more difficult for a number of boys who are my choices for the upcoming matches. A bekerexit I don’t want to think about it, that would be a catastrophe. Mind you, I say this with the utmost respect for our opponents, but a shutdown is not allowed.”

the Rest for Raising and Hrosovsky

the Mountains, and Hrosovsky get the rest. Mazzu: “this season, in all competitions, participate in.” Bongonda is still out. Advertising is likely to be in the team. What are the changes Mazzu continue to change, remains to be seen. Vandevoordt in the end? Dewaest back to the basics? Odey, at the kick-off? It is possible to.

KV OOSTENDE. Another 400 tickets Church, United

If, tomorrow, the move to the Church United will have the experience to do so. There are still around 400 tickets sold for the match in the provinciegenoten in the middle. KV Oostende gets in a total of 600 tickets and there are already about 200 of the out of doors. Those who have a ticket you want, you can go to the service ticket.

(KV KORTRIJK, BELGIUM. Today’s decision in the case of Selemani

Faïz Selemani know it today, he speelgerechtigd hit to KV Kortrijk. He argued there is a case. Today is the judgement. If that’s the case, he is having to play in the match against Seraing. On the 8th of October the case of Selemani for the employment tribunal in Brussels, belgium, where he led the football body to court, drag-and-drop compensation as well.

(ZULTE WAREGEM, BELGIUM. Ticket office is open for bekermatch

the Essevee have any physical ailments, or injuries incurred or suffered after the match against AA Ghent, belgium. He begins to Zulte Waregem and already on it’s way to the belgian Cup 1/16th finals. Therein, taking the club to the NEXT, Wrap the second amateurklasse. There are two stands open: a Stand 1 (in the stands) and Stand 2 (sfeertribune).

THE CERCLE BRUGGE. No Taravel, Dabila, and Modern in selection

Whether the field will be rotated, it is still not clear. In the selection process, which used to be the case. De Belder, Vitinho and the Kitchen to stay out of it, but Omolo is a return to the team, and is just as Hoggas in the center. Curiously, there is no mention of Bongiovanni and Modern, there is not one of them. In the back were Taravel, and Dabila is not already selected.

AA GENT. Plastun is running neusbreuk to:

Igor Plastun went on a visit to Zulte Waregem and have a serious neusbreuk, in which there is more than one fragments which are partially displaced. On Thursday there will be a re-evaluation in the city of UZ. Then it will show whether or not an operation is needed or not for the Ukrainian defenders, who, this season, is on the side of the Ngadeu has grown into a strong national team.

WAASLAND-BEVEREN (BELGIUM). Tshibola, for the first time in the selection:

the Trainer, First select the bekermatch against the Team 23 players. Tshibola is, for the first time in the selection process. Curious to see if he has his debut for Waasland-Beveren (belgium). The Composer, Liessens, Bizimana and Dhauholou are missing due to injuries. Gamboa, Asomani, Gabriel, and the Location has been selected for the promises made at Antwerp.

IN THE STANDARD. Injury, Gavory’s a lot of fun

The attack of a Three-player, Amat, at the tail of Gavory without serious consequences. The injury to the full, it is nothing too serious. Also, Milinkovic-Savic (knee) can resume.

FINAL RESULT. Preliminary seven thousand men against the city of Lokeren

The Season will also be against it resembled Scenery and very filling. Antwerp was sold up to last night, after all, about seven thousand tickets for the bekermatch on Thursday evening (20: 30). For the last-minute decisions: the ticket corner until Wednesday evening (about 20 hours) to be opened.

(KV MECHELEN, BELGIUM. AFAS Stadion is sold out for the Club Brugge

the First of its kind in KV Mechelen: het AFAS Stadion for the first time since the renovation with us. Will be a total of 16.500 fans of the winner against the Club’s entrance. Due to the huge interest in the launch of the club’s the Free of Your Seat. For example, have customers who are not present to be able to have the opportunity to present their position due to to to sell.

STVV. Teixeira also miss out on the spider-man

” Jorge Teixeira (quadriceps) has been on for at least another two weeks out. He will miss the bekerpot against the OHL and in the derby against RC Genk. Asamoah and Carter are both in charge of the room, their situation will be from day-to-day to find out.

More about Cercle Brugge-Club and Club Bruges will be prosecuted for misconduct of fans at the derby facility news. Cercle Brugge is bekerinkomsten it off, more bad news out of the barn for royal Antwerp and KV Mechelen in the Jan breydel stadium is full, “obtaining” of europe (Bruges), the derby facility news. Samatta is definitely the basis for a Genk vs Salzburg, the repercussions for the Oulare