Facebook and the Posts of the President – criticism of Zuckerberg because of dealing with Trump-Post-unlike Twitter, Facebook does not want to against a controversial Manifestation of Donald Trump approach. Now Facebook employees will make a revolt. sda5 Kommentare5Zuckerberg said, the contribution of Trumps is with Facebook’s rules, even when it is personally such a “gap end and an agitator rhetoric” strut to resist. KEYSTONE/Mark Lennihan

“Mark is wrong – and I’ll try as loud as possible, change his mind,” wrote about Ryan Freitas, the product design for the Facebook Newsfeed in charge, on Monday on Twitter. “I’m a Facebook employee, who is not at all with the decision of Mark agree, nothing against trump, said recent contributions to the company, the fuel clearly, violence”, a product designer Jason Stirman.

According to US media reports, some Facebook employees, resigned on Monday in Protest of the work in the home office. It remains, however, unclear how many Workers were involved in the action. A Facebook spokeswoman, “the New York Times said,” you don’t encourage employees to Express themselves openly when they are with the company of an opinion.

In the controversy, it goes to a Tweet from Trump, which was also mirrored on trump’s Facebook profile. The U.S. President responded to the first riot in Minneapolis after the death of the African-American George Floyd by police violence.

The President wrote, you’ll create the control again, and added: “If the looting begin, will be shot” – “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”. The phrase is a historically prone quote. With these words in 1967, the then chief of police of Miami had announced a tough campaign against the black population.

Twitter sided Trumps Tweet with a warning, because it violates the prohibition of glorification of violence on the platform. Zuckerberg explained, however, the contribution was with Facebook’s rules, even when it is personally such a “gap end and an agitator rhetoric” strut to resist. “But my responsibility is not to respond personally, but as head of an Institution that is committed to freedom of speech.”

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