Facebook, and Instagram allow the use of “adult” emoji’s impossible. And they would not stay in the aubergine (eggplant), and the peaches are coming on the black list because is too spicy.

For you to the woman a Facebook message, send it, and wealth, I ask you tonight to fancy, …and that’s an emoji of an eggplant (aubergine), it will be in the future, no longer be able to. Since an eggplant is for a lot of people is a symbol for a penis, and therefore, it is forbidden. The same thing with a peach that reminds you of the backside of a woman. And also, is the emoji with water droplets, which are too many, and refers to an ejaculation, it will disappear.

The new guidelines say that the emoji’s are not able to be used for sexual activities, and that the naked body is not able to be covered by the symbols.Now that emoji is only used when you have the real ones and the peach, have to have it.

the Facebook and Instragram to get a lot of criticism because they are a lot more worried about the hidden meaning of the innocuous emoji but that’s about it, racism and propaganda on social media, so what it sounds like.

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