In August 2021, actress Fabienne Carat announced that she was pregnant with her first child at the age of 42. On December 6 of the same year, a girl named Celeste was born. “A gift from heaven”, as the ex-star of Plus belle la vie had declared in an interview with Gala.

“It was the way she arrived in my life that decided me. This child is a gift from heaven. This first name has a great meaning in addition to being original, it corresponds to her perfectly”, had- she explained and added: “This baby is an angel, she never cries, I have the impression that she understands everything, I feel she is very sensitive, she is incredible”. A special birth for the star who was no longer with the father of the child at the time of her pregnancy.

“Even though I gave birth in the same clinic as Angelina Jolie -an anecdote we will laugh about later-, it was hard because I was alone (…) The circumstances in which Céleste arrived meant that she can only be strong. It’s a crazy start to life,” she added.

Since then, Fabienne Carat has found love in the arms of Alain, a former candidate for Married at first sight. The lovers revealed their relationship on Instagram on August 24, 2022 by sharing a photo of themselves with Celeste. “The most beautiful gifts are those that life gives you, with those who choose your soul and those who recognize themselves in a look (…) Sometimes fate plays with us, happiness comes then leaves then comes back… again bigger and when we no longer expect it. In any case, it comes at the right time, at the best, when we are finally ready to welcome it. I think so much of you, “she wrote in the caption of its publication.

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