Sonia Villalba can’t take too much time for a conversation. She has the kids for a doctor’s appointment. The twins had just had a heavy cold, her Airways were clogged a bit, explains the young mother. But the one and a half year-old Juan Mateo and his sister, Rita Magali have survived worse than a cold. The greatest challenge you mastered right after the birth, which was much too early. 1313 grams weighed Rita, Juan a little more. Actually, they were triplets: A brother, had come with only 940 grams of to the world, died after ten days.

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F. A. Z.

the two had such a rough Start, you to be noted. A small hint of what you were spared, only the glasses. Juan is wearing a light blue, Rita a pink. “You don’t like you, you help but,” says her mother. The glasses correct the has short to do transparency, with the early birth. In the case of many premature infants, or severely underweight infants, the eyes are still not Mature, which can lead to undesirable developments. Relatively harmless transparency are Short – or far, far more dangerous is the so-called retinopathy of prematurity is a skin, a detachment of the retina, which if left untreated leads to blindness.

The Doctors

Also in the case of Juan and Rita that exists were shortly after the birth of blood vessels in a kind of Overreaction to the eye, the Retina had begun to withdraw. This process detected, stopped, and reversed, thanks to the Doctors in the local clinic. After a short medical treatment, an improvement had occurred, according to the mother.

the sight of the twins, is not self-evident. While in Western countries, eyes-are controls in preterm infants Routine, it is in the South American emerging country Paraguay is a matter of luck, whether a retinopathy is detected and treated. It also has something to do with the social position and education of the parents: Sonia Villalba is a lawyer and works in public administration, her husband Juan Bautista Bogado transported with a small truck medical gases for hospitals.

Trained personnel

From the talks in the clinics he know of several cases in which premature babies were blinded, tells the father. Among the parents of the rumor to go, the light of the incubator, will burn the eyes. The Problem was, but, rather, that in the clinics, trained personnel is lacking, in order to examine early-born children and to encourage the families even after Leaving the neonatal unit on a regular basis.

The task to do something about the blindness of premature babies, dedicated to the Fundación Visión. The non-profit organization that operates, among other things, an eye clinic in the Paraguayan capital of Asunción, was founded in the early nineties by the German-born ophthalmologist Rainald Duerksen. One of the most important supporters of the Christoffel blind mission, which has its headquarters in Bensheim on the mountain road.