F. A. Z. exclusive: EU wants to reimburse wolf damage completely


    For some years now, the Wolf is back home in Germany, especially in the East of the country. About a thousand animals there are now. So much poking at animal rights activists on enthusiasm, so much the grazing pet owners suffer. Again and again, wolves, herds of sheep attack and kill many animals.

    Hendrik Kafsack

    economic correspondent in Brussels.

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    The more the spread of the wolf is now a political topic of debate. The coalition agreement of the Federal government is concerned. Nevertheless, the CDU and the SPD are arguing about whether wolves should be shot.

    the European Commission is Now on. She wants to help affected Livestock farmers with more government support. To get the total economic damage caused by attacks and the presence of wolves, will be reimbursed.

    100% refund

    The responsible Commissioner for agriculture, Phil Hogan, wants the Details this Thursday on the occasion of the Green week the German Bundestag in Berlin to introduce. The elements of the proposal before the F. A., for example. Livestock farmers are to get for a up to 100 percent of the expenses incurred by them dogs in the purchase of protective fencing, or special Protection, will be reimbursed.

    the damage caused by the Tearing of grazing animals by wolves, and the associated destruction of fences, you completely should be refunded. This is also true for the vet costs and the cost for the search of missing animals after a wolf attack.

    until now, the guides for the farmers are limited to a maximum of 80 percent of the damage. In view of the growing damage caused by wolves, was too little, says the Commission.

    Germany would have to allow for numbers

    To all of this, has revised the EU Commission state aid rules. The specify the conditions under which the member States, companies such as the agricultural financial firms can aid, without distorting competition in the European Union. The money for the farmers would have to make the German state.