Extreme sports – He is hanging grid down, the other with ice axes hochkletternJérémie Heitz is freeriders. The Valais driving down for his latest Film, six-thousanders in the world. And says it’s not to dangerous as a car.Nils Hänggi0 Comment, the Lenz top notch of the Valais down. Video: zvg

Artesonraju, 6025 meters. One of about 50 peaks in the Cordillera Blanca in the Peruvian Andes. The sun is shining. The view on the steep slope is clear. There are perfect conditions for Jérémie Heitz. He stands next to his colleague and Skipartner Sam Anthamatten. They look at each other, then they repel. Into the white wall. Within seconds you accelerate to highway speed. The Ski vibrate, both of them have a tunnel vision. Anthamatten grid. Heitz heating. A few minutes later, the Speed-nightmare is over. They arrived at the foot of Artesonraju.

“I love the feeling to be fast. Also, when hang-gliding or mountain Biking,” says Jérémie Heitz. Since he was not technically so good, he tries but just to follow his friends. “In the car I have to hold me to, that would be in Switzerland.” Heitz laughs as he says this. His voice is rather deep. He has blonde hair, they are easily lured. Blue Eyes. The 30-Year-old Freerider. He rides the steepest slopes at a pace like few. Often at speeds well over 100 km/h. His driving style brought him in 2014 on the third place in the overall ranking of the Freeride World Tour and in 2015 on the second.

“is The acclimatization in the case of Six-thousanders, much, much more important,” says the Freerider (l.). Photo: zvg

It is but not only these rankings, which is why Heitz at Ski and extreme sports fans, is so well known. A few years ago, he made the Film “La list” Furore, he drove North walls of the four-thousanders in the Alps on down. Now he is working on a sequel to: “La list 2”. It’s a movie, for the Heitz, together with the Zermatt Anthamatten is power – the same Six – thousanders in the world. Six-thousanders in the Himalayas, in the Karakorum (a mountain range in Central Asia) and in the Andes, on Artesonraju, for example.

“In Peru, it was beautiful,” says Heitz, “the summit is surrounded by plains, he stands on the shore of a lake as a mighty pyramid.” But also the trip to Pakistan he had in memory. This is because it had been in Islamabad, the attacks, and just before they had arrived. The Walliser says: “We were afraid of. But fortunately, everything worked out.” And as you were standing on the Six thousand, had anyway been anything important.

“La list 2” is a time-consuming project. On the one hand the organization and a lot of Material there. Heitz and Anthamatten with a film team on the road. Every time you travel, you need to take enough food, several cameras, generators, Computer for Back-ups. On the other hand, the transition for the driver himself is there. A departure is, according to Heitz comparable to that of a four-thousanders. However, the Freerider, the long climbs with little oxygen debilitating. “Acclimatization is a Six-thousanders, much, much more important.”

Heitz know what> he’s doing

“The mountains are my life.”

Jérémie Heitz, freeriders,

And this is true. Jérémie Heitz knows what he’s doing. Two things witness. Heitz broke never something – and he started his career early. He grew up in Les Marécottes, a small ski resort between Chamonix, Verbier and Les Portes du Soleil. Like all the children in the village, he went with a young age in the school. At the age of seven, he entered the first race, and later he raced in the Slalom, even the Swiss Championships and European Cup races. Yet, somehow, he didn’t really. Always had been there, this predetermined course. “I was on the go off-Piste, wanted to go skiing, as I was in the mood. Also, I was not fast enough,” says Heitz. “So I switched to riders 16 years of age to the free.”

If the 30-Year-old speaks, you can hear his French accent. His Schalk. His enthusiasm for the mountains. He says: “The mountains are the place I can be who I am, and can do what I want. You are the place I feel free.” If he was making out with his girlfriend, beach holiday, miss the mountains after a few days. “You are my life.”

Pro-skiers don’t want to be Heitz nevertheless, the whole life long. Finally, he is also already 30 years old. First he wants to finish the Film. Actually, La list 2 would have to “come up” this fall to cinemas. However, Corona made the freeriders, a dash through the bill. Due to the world’s rampant Virus he had and Athamatten move two expeditions. New La list 2 “will appear” a year later, in autumn 21.

Still Jérémie shoots Heitz to Ski the summit, down the other, climbing with ice axes high.

“at the moment I’m still living my dream,” says Walliser. And if that was with the Pro-skiing for sometime past, he also has a couple of ways. Heitz says: “I can make a training to be a Guide, can change in the freeride sector, or again as a gardener to work.”

But so far it is not yet. Yet Jérémie shoots Heitz to Ski the summit, down the other, climbing with ice axes high.

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