Dream instruments of musicians – Extreme flute and guitar tell six Zurich-based musicians, what Instrument would you master like to.Eva Hediger0 comment, not every music career began with this wind Instrument: A flute.Image: Imago/Westend61/Kniel Synnatzschk Ronald Dangel
“Sometimes I think guitar would be great. You can take it a little easier than my double bass. I could make music, wherever I am, and all that accompany you, from the children’s song to a hit. Of course, I love my double bass. It is the harmonic Foundation, this is just weighty. But I am approached on the train are constantly on the upright bass. About the music you are talking about then twenty seconds, then twenty minutes about the Worries in life. A guitar I could stow unnoticed in a Coat pocket and easy to undisturbed a bit of my thoughts.”
Ronald Dangel plays double bass in the Tonhalle orchestra.

“I have, Yes, any type of flute, in which you can somehow cough.”

Esther Byczyna

Esther Byczyna
“With my Piccolo, I try to balance on the top of the pyramid. I would also like to the Foundation. I like the deep sounds of so much and have learned loved to play the Cello. As a child I had a weak lung. My parents probably thought that a wind Instrument would be good for me. Now, I have all the instruments like, mine I love, of course, particularly. I own every type of flute, in which you can somehow cough. But it is also a hand-organ, a Banjo, a piano, a Zither, a Ukulele, a guitar… my music room is bursting at the seams.”
Esther Byczyna plays the second flute / Piccolo in the Tonhalle orchestra. the Sarah Verrue
“Sometimes I sit with my harp in the orchestra and just listen. I’m a bit jealous of my colleagues: whenever it is wonderfully loud, I can’t participate namely. At fifteen, I got to play twice for viola
started, I love the Instrument and its warm sound until now. And who knows what would have become of me, if I have the “Aristocats” would be as
eight-year-old girl seen? In the cartoon there is a scene in which a cat sounds, the other seduces, accompanied by harp. Since wars happen to me.”
Sarah Verrue plays the harp in the Tonhalle-orchestra. the Rebeca Olvera
“The guitar is my dream instrument! It is easy, but at the same time strong and stable. You can sing what you can’t do that with a flute or harmonica, and is extremely versatile. Someday we will be together, you are my Platonic love! In the meantime, I’ll watch other people very jealous if they play you, and wait patiently until you in my arms can be.”
Rebeca Olvera is a singer at the Zurich Opera house.

“were All the others in the school in the block flute lessons. Only I don’t.”


“flute block. Since I play as a Pianist and Cellist, keys and stringed instrument, remain as the wind. All others in the school were in the block flute lessons. Only I don’t. The recorder has something Rurales itself. Almost fragile, but at the same time raw. You can be very lyrical. Or directly to the Pandemonium send. I would have loved to flute the Subgrossbassblockflöte and garklein block – I love the extremes.”

The producer Dadaglobal has recently released his new Album “poodle”. the Julie Palloc
“My heart sways between the cello with his sensitivity and his romantic sound and a tiny, very soulful Instrument that everyone carries in itself and a day – two small, magical bands that can Express our joy, our sadness, Laughter, and rage: used of the voice. There is something Richer, than to unite with this voice, Theater, tragedy, and music with each other? What could be more exciting than to die every night on stage as Carmen, Isolde, Mimì, Norma or Tosca? Because it has loved, has been avenged, someone has cheated, in order to be awakened, then, under the applause of the
public new life?”
Julie Palloc is harpist of the Philharmonia Zurich at the Zurich Opera house.0 comment please Login to comment