Expert tips for flying – How to get on the plane, if possible, not contagious as it is summer holidays and business travel: Next Monday open in many places, the borders, air travel in many European countries are again possible. What the experts advise.Andreas Free0 comment when low-cost providers of Ryanair applies a mask of duty on Board. For the safety of the aircraft there is, however, to note yet another.Photo: Reuters

The lure comes closer: On 15. June many European countries to open their borders for Swiss tourists, some are already open. Summer holidays by the sea are now possible again, as well as city breaks. Barcelona, Dubrovnik or Prague could present themselves this year, for once, without the crowds (click here for the Overview, what are the rules in popular destinations).

Whether you are a holiday abroad this summer, it’s OK or not, because the ghosts are still. Who wants to the Mediterranean sea, creates the with of the car or the train. However, those who opt for a flight or business must even fly again, possibly uncomfortable images in my head: The people sit as in a tin of sardines close to each other, and neither seat switch spontaneously exiting is possible. The plane is considered by many people, therefore, as a virus spreader – now who wants to sit for four hours in the vicinity of a coughing or sneezing passenger and not be able to escape?

Short flights and window seat

epidemiologists, health experts, and exposure scientists on various online sites for tips on how to protect yourself in the airplane as possible from infection. The Professor Kacey Ernst, and Paloma Beamer of the University of Arizona recommend that you book as short as possible flights. The minimize the time during which it is potentially a Covid-19-infected Person is exposed.

you recommend this to a seat by the window. In contrast to a seat on the aisle, which reduces the number of passengers within a radius of two meters to just under half. Also touch often, when people run through the gear, for example, to go to the toilet. Serious and Beamer advise but anyway – it’s also shorter flights help.

In the case of Air France presented a Flight from Attendant to the passengers during Boarding face mask.Photo: ReutersBei Air France-KLM is already a since 11. May a mask of duty on Board. Swiss, Edelweiss and Helvetic dispense with such a measure, and a mask recommendation.Photo: ReutersIn China, long normal: While the Coronavirus pandemic has subsided in the middle Kingdom, people wear more masks in the airplane.Photo: Reuters1 / 3

The “FlyHealthy Research Team,” writes that the passengers sitting on the Medium and on the window in front of a contagion from the other side of the aisle as well as are protected. The contacts among the passengers during a flight are relatively short and, therefore, irrelevant, the decisive factor is the people who sit in the radius of 2 meters are only.

if you can afford it, or even airline miles saved up should an Upgrade be considered. In the Economy, Max has to act because of the greater legroom, more distance to pass in the other rows of Business Class, the infection possibilities are reduced, especially on longer flights.

ventilation for the

The risk that super-infect the spreader in the plane many of the passengers, as was, for example, in a bus or large office space of the case, there is little. The air in the plane is continually circulated and cleaned, ten times more than in conventional air-conditioning systems. Is 60 percent you of fresh air from the outside, writes the Swiss on their Coronavirus-info page. The used Hepa filters also ensure that to 99.97 percent of harmful particles will be filtered out. “Filter performance and air management comply with the Standards for clinical operating rooms,” said the Swiss.

you can even take advantage of, if you are afraid of infected people or someone in the vicinity is coughing: Then you should inform the ventilation on the airplane seat on the middle step, directly in front of his face, so especially the fresh, virus-free air is inhaled and, if possible, the contaminated aerosols from his area will be blown away.

in Order not to dry out, what is on the plane already a Problem, recommend travel sites also, sea-water nasal sprays and eye drops to take, because the dehydration makes you more susceptible to viruses. Also, drink plenty of water helps.

surface disinfect

in addition to the passengers in the immediate environment, the surfaces are a risk. Although aircraft are disinfected regularly, who wants to be on the safe side, but disinfectant on Board and cleans all surfaces that are touched. On the short-haul flight isn’t that many, especially the armrests, the table for the drinks, the buckle of the safety belt or the ventilation system are mentioned.

The greatest danger to the experts in the toilets, which you should avoid absolutely. Who should go nevertheless, you should also wear a mask, and also the return to the place again, the hands disinfected, as the Virus could also stick to the door and the locking levers. The best would be not to move, at least during short flights possible from his seat.

wear a mask and change

is it Clear for all the experts: In the airplane, you should switch to wearing a mask and this distance, in the case of long flights, every four hours. Not only to protect themselves but especially to fellow passengers and to keep the exposed Flight Attendants against infection (here you will learn how to put on a mask properly, and bears). This is not, it is appropriate to continue to fly in the first place, if you feel sick, and always in the crook of your arm to cough or sneeze.

passengers wait at the end of may with protective masks in front of a Check-in Desk at Zurich airport.Photo: Keystone

But it’s not just the plane, also for the correct behavior at the airports, experts have tips ready: – So-important documents that are controlled by other persons should be kept in a plastic bag. In addition, the following: The hands are often washed and keep their distance.

In Basel mask obligation applies also, but not at the Zurich airport, there is written as in the case of Swiss airlines, Swiss, Edelweiss and Helvetic in the Mask as a recommendation.

At the airport now makes a robot to clean floors, so the cleaning staff will be relieved and corona can clean the relevant surfaces.Photo: Keystone

Not to air travel for persons at risk or particularly anxious persons are recommended. Flying is for many already a already stressful Situation, one should imagine, therefore, prior to making a booking, how you would react if a Person coughs in the vicinity during the flight and whether you can stand this mental stress. Who breaks out already in the train in a panic when someone has to sneeze in the car that probably shouldn’t fly better.

With these corona-free fresh-air passengers would not sit very far: employees of the Swiss remove the seats in a Boeing 777 cargo transport.Photo: Keystone comment please Login to comment