Expert Says: Titanic Kate Winslet Alien’ on Mars


NASA released images online that show what appears to be a person watching the Mars rover. People are losing it.

These photos show an unusual figure sitting on a rock while watching the Mars Rover.

It’s claimed by some UFO experts to be a sign that there is life on the red planet.

The original image was uploaded online in April by NASA, but it was shared by UFO blogger Scott C. Waring February 3.

Waring believes the image is “100% proof of intelligent living”

He explained how he found the photo and said that he loves to look through NASA photos. I found something very unique.

He described the image by saying that the figure appears to be a person laying down and watching the NASA Mars Rover.

Waring believed the figure was about 1′ tall with a pinkish neck, face, and upper chest. He also thought it wore a dark suit.

If you ask us, it sounds like a Monsters Inc 2319.

Waring said that there are even footprints left behind people leading to the spot they choose to lay their heads at.
The Mirror stated that the figures posed ‘like Kate Winslet’s in Titanic ‘. This is something I cannot confirm or deny, as I have never seen the entire film.
Waring’s blog was filled with responses from people who had their own theories.

One person suggested that it was two figures. He said, “It looks like a guy and girl sleeping in a bag.” It is most likely a photograph manipulation.

One person claimed that they could see an alien and wrote, “Same image above, I found what appears to be a small alien merging into the side of a stone. Almost like a chameleon. If you’re interested, I will send you my screenshot.

One wondered about the motives of the figure, and quipped, “Some shadyvoyeurism happening here, it’s Martian couples making out on the rock, have some dignity Mr Waring. Good thing the Rover has the Zoom of a Nokia smartphone from the 90s.

Another comment was that “other experts” believe the person is wearing one or more of those K-mart pants suits. Excellent product placement Kmart !!!’


Others claimed that it was Ziggy Stardust’s time traveling on his rounds.

You could see proof that there is a starman in the sky.