Comics exhibited at the Centre Pompidou? Twelve years ago, was with Hergé (who else?) the beginning; since then, Art Spiegelman, Claire Bretécher, André Franquin and now Riad Sattouf followed. But only Hergé, was it possible, really in the Museum area to penetrate, if only in the basement. The other four found their place in the library of the Centre, which has the advantage of free entry and of a younger audience, but it is not really a Museum Dedicate to the most important French Museum of modern art. As the high-culture of the Comic book may, therefore, not even in its stronghold of France feel.

Andreas platthaus

editor responsible for the literature and literary life.

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Riad Sattouf of defense – on the contrary. “I do my Comics for books, not for the walls of a Museum,” he says during a tour of his exhibition. “Normally, I propose that the Museum offers. But in a library appeal was issued. I grew up in a family that could barely afford the books, so I owe my reading of the libraries. There are magical places for me.“

The largest comic bestseller since “Asterix”

the family of Riad Sattouf, not only France, but now half the world knows. Four-volume car so far, biographical Comic book, “L’Arabe du future” (English, “The Arabs of tomorrow”, translated by the reviewer) is the largest French comic bestseller since “Asterix” and in more than twenty languages. The story of 1978 as the son of a Syrian and of a Bretonin-born Riad Sattouf, who has spent his Childhood half in the Arab world, hits the nerve of time, which must deal daily with issues of Integration and intercultural exchange. Sattouf is no more comfortable assurance of a man. The descriptions of their own experiences in a society, he felt, especially when violent, are without make-up. But his portrait of France is not sympathetic. Nevertheless, L’Arabe du future “” there’s a mass audience; the recently published fourth volume, has sold out in a few months, more than 300,000 times.


Sattoufs Look but it’s not a special exhibition to this, his most successful Comic, even if the design of the library in-built bunk maze is easy, a Comic prominently told nightmare of this small Riad include – shortly before the end of the previous changes so in a deep suspended corridor clean, the walls white and Blood red, and at the end of which is enlarged dräut huge Central Panel of the Dream. “No, it’s a simple success story here isn’t told,” and fights off Sattouf. “As I selected in my archive, I came across quite a lot of projects that have been rejected. What I show here, is largely a succession of failures.“

A most delightful, however, because it resembles the early-drawn childhood memories, Dating back to Sattoufs school time forms. But also a very different “Arabe du future”, which was actually thought of the title as a sci-Fi Comic book: “L’Arabe de l’espace” (The space Arabs) rejected in 2003, and signed publishers.