Every year, at the end of the month of October, the five academies that compose the Institut de France come together under the Dome, during a solemn meeting to celebrate the anniversary of the creation of the institution – October 25, 1795. This event is the opportunity for the Academy of moral and political sciences, to the Academy of fine arts, to the Academy of sciences, to the Academy of inscriptions and belles-lettres and the French Academy to reaffirm their values and their role in the development and the dissemination of knowledge. Each of the academies chooses a representative who gave a speech on a topic chosen collectively and that everyone treats according to his speciality and the prism of his upper room.

on Tuesday, October 23, Jean-Louis Ferrary, president of the Institute of France and of the Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres will open the session by paying tribute to the dear departed of the past year. Followed then in the order of the academies mentioned above, the grand rabbi Haïm Korsia, Brigitte Terziev, Yves Agid, Jean-Yves Tilliette and Michael Edwards. Each planchera on the theme of astonishment.

We invite you to discover below the full text of these speeches : a little gem of intelligence and subtlety.

Speech of return of 5 Academies published by Lepoint.fr