Leuven < / P> Leuven, rejoice: the well-known restaurant, café, Dewerf, has become a dessertenautomaat in front of the door. The announcement has already received over a thousand of happy replies on Facebook, though, there is also a concern. “Well, I didn’t have more on the side of it: I was different every day and will respond to many of them.

Dewerf, it is a place that from 9 o’clock in the morning until midnight and is open to you any time of the day you can get it. But what a lot of people from louvain take absolutely in love with the dessertenkaart. From tiramisu to chocolate mousse and ice-cream: you can have it all.

What is annoying is the people from louvain take it, is that it’s a café on the weekend is not open. No desserts are so-so. Up to now Dewerf announced on Facebook euphoric, that there has to be a dessertenautomaat at the door. That is a bit small, and you can pick out what you want it to be.

In less than two hours, was getting more than a thousand likes on Facebook. There was also a mass response to it, by the people, who in their happiness and are concerned that they will not be able to do.