the Cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs were going en masse to close a customer order in this weekend.

Prime minister Sanna Marin (sd.) calls on Wednesday entrepreneurs close to customer facilities corona virus to prevent spread. The government had wanted to impose on the matter this week, but you need to provide to the parliament further explanation, which is why the issue of the final processing of the transfer so in the matter next week.

Yle ringing round to find out that the entrepreneurs took the prime minister’s call, however, quite seriously.

Round: the Rest of the bar and dining areas now closed

coffee shop chain Espresso House to instruct the process of kahviloitaan matter. The chain has 55 cafes all over Finland. Coffee and snacks can be obtained according to, but not enjoy on the spot.

– we Strive to keep the cafe open, but compliance with the petitions, which is limited to customer premises. This will come into force as soon as be communication on the matter done, and a cafe to take this into account as soon as Friday-forward, the chain of the Finnish-ceo Anssi Thureson said.

the food and the restaurant left, i.e. H – and K-group have taken action earlier. Now they tell Yle that it intends to close the rest of the place. Part of the outlets to continue selling only takeout.

the S-group tourism and nutrition store chain director of Harri Ojanperä tell you that the vast majority of places have already closed. The S group has more than 600 restaurants, including Rosso, the Amarillot, Chico’s and Coffee Houses.

– Some units are still open in areas where there are almost no reported infections. But they, too, went close moments to catch up. Some ice from the kitchen, according to selling, but not that you could sit in the restaurant to eat, Ojanperä said.

Part of the S group’s hotels is still open. Their breakfast service is handled by dividing the clients in the breakfast bags.

the stick will also go to a service station cafe-restaurants. The K-group’s Liquid K -station café-restaurant, the customer location will be closed during the weekend, told chain leader Mikko Paukkonen . Stations more than more than 70.

– Call was expected, and we prepared for it. We proceed to the takeaway-food to sell and we strive to keep all traffic stations open, Paukkonen said.

Clients must still be, especially at lunch time. The picture espoo in the gulf of the little ship home for pizza on Tuesday this week.Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

night Clubs and bars have closed their doors partly independently.

a Total of 17 clubs in different parts of Finland owns Night People Group ceo Antti Raunio according to the Helsinki nightclubs were closed already last weekend, and now the beginning of the week the company made the decision to close also to the provincial nightclubs.

– in the provinces the situation was the virus in terms of variety than in Helsinki, and many other entrepreneurs have their place in the last weekend open. Now I accept the prime minister’s request and obeyed it, and I also wish that the colleagues listen to the request, Ruin said.

MaRa: the crisis of wage support would be necessary

When the economic situation is extremely tight, is there a particular small-scale entrepreneurs the temptation to keep restaurants, bars or nightclubs open most likely next week, which will come into force on the actual order until now?

no One will surely want to keep their doors open. If any restaurant is still open during the weekend, so there is the issue simply the fact that we are so deep in the hole, that the entrepreneur can see the other option, says the industry lobby group the tourism and restaurant services MaRa’s ceo Timo Lappi .

Lapland according to the restaurant services, the demand has decreased by about 90%. A big part of it is to close its doors, because there are no customers, and the rest of the many closes of Lapland according to estimates by the door this week.

the Parliament’s constitutional committee recommended on Wednesday to support the activities of the collapse experienced restaurant company dealers.

MaRa:according to the functional model could be EK’s last week’s rescue package presented to (you move to another service) crisis wage subsidy. That’s at least 25% of the personnel reductions forced companies would be supported by 70% of three-month salary amount.

– We are not criticising in any way the government’s decisions. Measures are certainly necessary. But we hope simple and fast the active form of support, which would focus directly on the impact of the crisis, Tripura said.

the Crisis also raises philosophical ideas

Part of the restaurant bosses likes to wax a little philosophical as. Crisis of unreal scale get to ponder the bigger questions and world position then, when the crisis brought by the dense dust clouds sometimes descend.

– the Situation has developed so damn quickly. We do ten days work day and night. Lack of sleep is it which causes bad decisions, so I’ve been trying to sleep. But they’re not relaxed the dreams I had, say Night People Group ceo Antti Raunio.

– I Hope that the may day lunch eaten in the restaurant. But I’m afraid that the midsummer dance, to dance is still at home, he continued.

Liquid K -station chain director Mikko Paukkonen describes his thoughts on the future like this:

– See you, that behind the cloud shine at some point the sun. Although I just now will not just look very good.

the S-group chain leader Harri Ojanperä said that although the days are gone the fires extinguished when the mind rises inevitably also big things. How the world in this change?

I’ve been since the ‘ 80s in leadership positions, see lamas, sarsi and nine-eleven. No I saw the total drop from the never had. Now we’re in the shock stage, which can last for months, and then will be in a recovery phase, which can take years, he said.

I Hope that all of this was born a sense of more life. There is talk that the nation-states, but can this be it too, that distant state, people, and other actors realize that in the end we are all in the same boat. Should be pretty cool coming out, if this is to reach that world.

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