Exam in the Corona of the year – Supreme medical examiner shall enter a Protest against the Federal Council zurückDie President of the Federal audit Commission in human medicine submit your resignation. The reason for the decision for this year’s medical audit was.oli/sda25 Kommentare25Praktikum instead of test: 1241 graduates of the medical state examination must be performed in accordance with the Federal Council’s decision, instead of the practical examination, a practical proof.Photo: Gaetan Bally/Keystone

the President of The Federal audit Commission in human medicine has filed a Protest against a decision of the Federal Council for this year’s medical audit of your resignation. The Basel Oncologist Viviane Hess was only since the beginning of the year in the office.

Hess will confirm on request the news Agency Keystone SDA on Saturday information about the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”. You step back, once the implementation for this year’s examination was taken, informed the chief Physician and cancer researcher at the University hospital Basel.

Hess draws out the consequences of the decision of the Federal Council from Wednesday. This decided that the 1241 graduates of the medical state must provide exam heuer instead of the usual practical examination a practical demonstration of your clinical skills as a medical assistant or in an internship for a period of six weeks.

“the Commission was completely ignored”

The definitive diploma will be delayed, thus, possibly several weeks up to a year. According to the Federal government, the graduates are to come in your career but not restricted to.

With the decision of the Federal Council turned against the audit Commission. She had proposed to leave the clinical trial at all, or substitute tests in a reduced Form, respectively, assessments of the skills on the basis of previous assessments.

The Commission had taken the time to quickly find a solution, and was then “completely ignored”, said the outgoing Commission President Hess. You question, for which it need not at all be a Federal audit Commission if the Federal government listen to you. The Federal office for health (BAG) checks the media report says that currently, if the six-week practical evidence could also be completed in the summer, before the written examination.

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