Ex-tennis player expressed, – “to be number 1, it makes no Fun – it’s the opposite,”The Russian Dinara Safina won Olympic silver and was the world number 1. However happy she was in the sport of tennis never – until now. Laura Inderbitzin0 KommentareDie Russian Dinara Safina was as a tennis player successfully, but the Sport brought her a lot of grief.Photo: KeystoneZum she says of life as the world’s number 1: “I thought it would be Fun, you know? But actually it is the opposite.”Photo: Keystone2011 you completed your last match on the professional tour, your official resignation announced in 2014 (in the picture). “I think, so I could also escape all the pressure.”Photo: 1 / 6

“I think the sport of tennis has disappointed me,” says Dinara Safina. The former world number 1, twelve times the tournament winner and silver medal winner at the Olympic Games-2008 in Beijing Suffering the British “Guardian”, a deep insight into her life and emotional as a tennis Pro gives.

in 2009, the Russian woman 27 weeks at the top of the world rankings and it would make her brother Marat Safin, who had managed the same feat nine years earlier (even if only for nine weeks). The two of them are up to date, the only sibling pair that achieved both for men as for women, the top position in Tennis.

But her success Safina fell into misfortune, as the 34-Year-old revealed. “I always had the dream of becoming famous and the number 1,” she says. But then she had felt suddenly so much pressure to be there. “I thought it would be Fun, you know? But actually it is the opposite.”


she told: “I couldn’t deal with my feelings and all these things. shown For me, it was so difficult.” The more Sand-dominated, and the higher you are in Ranking climb, the more she was tormented by the pressure in important games on the verge of tears.

While her older brother, his feelings had free rein every now and then a club smashed and other antics to draw attention made, frass Safina all your heartache in in.

Marat Safin, brother of Dinara Safina, from let his anger on his bullies.Photo:

Particularly a topic of workers and oppressed the Russian constantly: In her career, she never won a Grand Slam title – three times they failed in the Final, including your self. “Of course, you hear in every Interview the same question: when will you win your first Grand Slam? I started to struggle really. It was very painful, because it’s something I really wanted to win,” said sandy specialist.

Earlier you have an idealized notion of a life as a world number 1 had. You have imagined, then you would have a different, a better life. Today she says: “But if you’ve achieved everything, and you realize that it’s not what you imagined – then all disintegrate of your dreams.”

“As a Coach, I want to teach the players to not make the same mistakes I made.”

Dinara Safina

in 2011, she completed her last professional match and not known to have been three years later, her resignation, because she got her strong back pain in the handle. “I had enough pain from this physical. And I think I was able to escape finally to the pressure,” recalls Safina.

The Tennis she didn’t turn back but in spite of all. Today, the Russin works as a Coach and says: “I don’t want players to feel how I felt. I would like to teach them to not make the same mistakes I made.”

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