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– In the Hasselt court of first instance, it is Friday afternoon, and the process is continued for about two plofkraken in Lommel, belgium, and Kinrooi, in which the ex-vessels immediately after Anick Berghmans (sp.(a) go to work. The public prosecutor asked for four years imprisonment and deprivation of the rights for a period of seven years. The other four accused persons who risk prison sentences of twelve and seventeen years of age. The president of the rechtbankzetel asked, ” what Berghmans it looked back. “I think it’s terrible that I have this have come up,” said Bergmans, as she burst into tears.

The plofkraak at bpost at If it happened on the 21st of June, 2018. The authors of the plofkraak with a loot of almost 238.000 euros have had their Audi’s under a tarp in a shed on the property of the Berghmans (fees apply). They had to rent a car park from the fleeing man in his fifties is P. H. from the Eastern part of Flanders, Zele (belgium), of which 17 years in prison is the risk. Of the three, P. of H., are also considered to be a plofkraak in the of ING in Kinrooi, on the 4th of June 2018.

garden party for the children.

“I was, indeed, the need for a car for me in the barn stall. The documents of the vehicle were not in good condition. I had told him that if he was sure and wanted to be sure you have enough place it was, and he had come to see. I had the utmost confidence in it, as I have said to him, take the key from the lock in. I just wanted to have a vehicle for the 25th of June, but since I have a garden party for the children in my dance class wanted to give up,” said Berghmans, Friday, in the court of law.


“in Hindsight it was quite funny that I put a note on my windshield wiper was found. After that, I put the mobile phone in the mail, but I have nothing to go on. I’m the one under pressure. I do have the sim card for my mobile phone refills. I felt that it was not a good thing. Imagine that in this situation I ended up in was. I bounced in full. I had a friend on the phone. The only thing he said was: ‘Clear all’. My friend told me to do it. I would have been better nothing is deleted, because then you’d see that I’m not aware of such situations”, he said with a nervous Berghmans of the three-judge panel. There was the five lawyers of the word.
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