Evil act in California – a man poisoned the homeless and filming a 38-Year-old was at least eight homeless people poisoned food and kept her Suffering on Video. Him 19 years in prison now.Andreas Free0 KommentareEin man in a homeless camp under the Interstate 110 in the vicinity of the Ramirez Street in Los Angeles. (Archive)Keystone/AP/Mark J. Terrill

A man in California is given at least eight homeless people poisoned food and then their Suffering filmed, such as the district attorney of Orange County, new York.

Several victims had to be treated after the fact in hospitals, it was said more. Some of the homeless have suffered severe pain, difficulty in breathing, or had to pass. The Accused have added to the eat a substance that “is twice as strong as the one the police used pepper spray,” it was said.

Some homeless people have the 38-Year-old previously said that they would to a contest of spicy food to participate, the other he had beer given to you lead to the secretly poisoned food to take.

“These people were selected as victims because they are defenseless,” said the competent district attorney Todd Spitzer. It was a “distorted Form of amusement”. The authorities are currently looking for possible additional Victims in the Region South of Los Angeles.

The police chief of the city of Huntington Beach, said that a teenager was involved in the case, the Details he gave, however. “The fact that an adult Criminal would include a young people, is reprehensible,” said Robert cell phone. “I’m proud of the extraordinary efforts made by our police officers, detectives, and also our firefighters, who reported in the treatment of the victim of suspicious circumstances, for the solution of this case”.

The man had already been in may arrested. There is no evidence that he wanted to share the Videos of the homeless or sell it. In the case of a conviction of up to 19 years in prison threaten him.


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