Nicolas Ullens, the events and the superintendent of police of the state Security service, a Parisian judge, and the Bergen state prosecutor-general, sent information about a meeting with MR. deputy prime minister, Didier Reynders, and the French lawyer, who is in command of the Belgian-Uzbek billionaire Chodiev, millions of euros of bribes paid to, among others, pointed out Senaatsvoorzitter Armand De Decker. That is reported by the Apache on Wednesday.

Earlier, Ullens at the police and lodged a complaint against mr Didier Reynders, and his right hand on Jean-Claude Fontinoy because the bribes would have cashed in on a series of public procurement contracts and public procurement. He referred, inter alia, to the removal of the federal police is the state administrative Centre in Brussels, belgium, Kazachgate and it is a case of Many mutual funds. The public prosecutor’s office initiated a preliminary inquiry, but at the end of september, the public prosecutor’s office the preliminary investigation, no further action will be classified a “lack of any crime”.

the Late president, Armand De Decker, was launched by the public prosecutor’s office in Bergen, in the suspicion, since he was a bribe given for a hand-of-the-money, upon the approval of the afkoopwet, which Chodiev, his criminal case could be discharged.


the Ullens recalls, in a letter to a Paris examining magistrate, at a meeting in the office of De Decker-between race, Catherine Degoul – which, at the request of the Chodiev millions in kickbacks to be paid out, that is when Decker came out of it, and mr Didier Reynders, on February 2, 2012. Reynders said that the commission Kazachgate that the subject of the release of former Congolese deputy prime minister mr. Jean-Pierre Bemba was. In contrast, the commission took the Ullens are not satisfied with the explanation. He could be in an e-mail based, which Degoul, on 3 February, the man who was at the Sofitel in the best interests of the Chodiev and defended, and that had to do with ups and downs, with the payment of attorney’s fees.

He was asked by the Paris investigating judge to Degoul, to ask what the meeting was about. In a letter to the attorney-general, he asked for a letters rogatory to France and with a similar purpose.

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