Even tens of thousands of finns are estimated to have moved corona quarantined and remote in free-time residence to their. A large part of them is likely to be from the new country, which is now epidemic in central Finland.

Authorities have so far recommended avoid all unnecessary movement also in the home country. Recommendation in support of the government to consider more stringent movement restrictions of the epidemic spreading to slow down.

One of the option has risen to a new country in isolation in whole or in part. The government’s decision isolation is expected on Wednesday night.

That’s where Lapland to clear the ski resort of the closing, Etelä-Savo-like cottage in the province people is increased. Many have moved to food sales and mobile traffic based on the number of the cottage to her.

for Example, a popular cottage on Puumala mayors Matias Hilden asked to avoid unnecessary travel.

– the Biggest concern for us relates to the capital region from future. The Virus can be spread with them, Hilde said.

one side of the Coin is that the puumala the cottagers only part comes from the metropolitan area. Another that comes from our own province or in the neighbouring of South-Karelia, with the spread of the virus, the risk is lower.

If they get sick, they move to their own homes near the health care unit, Mikkeli, or in the Imatra-Lappeenranta direction.

Matias Hilden doesn’t want to take a position on the new country’s potential isolation, where the government is supposed to decide on Wednesday evening.

–It involves a lot of näkökulmi and procedures for implementation. It could be one tool among others, Puumala municipality manager to consider.

Hospital capacity is sufficient for the part of the cottagers

Puumala care distributed in South-Savo in popular cottage locations in the wider context. Municipal health care is rated permanent residents, and the fear is service congestion.

Also in the social and health care services in producing Essot urges people to stay at home.

Mikkeli central hospital capacity is rated at about 100 000 permanent residents. Services have been taken into account in the region’s wealth of free-time settlements and tourism.

– the cabin is virtually all year round living is taken into account the hospital capacity sizing when. Them is estimated at ten thousand, to tell essot of health services director of Santeri Seppälä.

Etelä-Savo is almost 50 000 free-time residences. It is the second highest in the whole country Varsinais-suomi after. On the busiest summer weeks, the province’s population well more than doubles.

–Our system can’t handle it, that here began to be now to become the massive amounts of free-time residents of the. The weekend for us was conveyed the impression that here come a huge number of cottagers, Seppälä recalls.

Cottage local food store in the frenzied growth

Petitions seems to echo to fall on deaf ears.

many of you have moved to corona quarantined summer cabin, even though the phenomenon of many localities in the city centre.

essot the coming weekend plenty of contacts symptoms cottagers from.

the grocery store in summer cottagers income localities have seen already a couple of weeks. Sales for rapid growth as soon as the emergency act after the introduction.

–hoarding phase passed quickly, but the cottagers the effect is visible especially in the last week, the share of trade in the Greater Savo ceo Heikki Hämäläinen tell.

Suur-savo the South savo in supermarkets at each location. Prism in growth has been a nationwide six percent level. The most popular cottages on the market in sales growth last week, up to 50%.

first quarter land growth 54, Puumala 45 and anttola in as much as 151 percent. They have a summer cottage localities, which are now teleworking.

–All growth is the practice of leisure-time residents bring, Hämäläinen says.

Also hirvensalmi, the pine ridge and Ristiinassa growth was over 30%.

Heikki Hämäläinen evaluation of food sales based on that alone, Etelä-Savo hang out currently 20 000 – 30 000 thousand free-time inhabitants.

a similar pace is seen also in Finland most popular cottages in the province Varsinais-Suomi.

– Exactly the same growth rates we have Taivassalo, nauvoo, in, Kustavi and Rymättylä.

– a Little difficult however to estimate, what is the significance of corona quarantine in addition to hamstraukselle and early in the spring, Turku share of trade selection-expert Jukka Lauren tell.

the mobile network in fair growth

Telework transition from summer cottages also appear on the operators of mobile networks. Elisa’s network services manager for Sami Rajamäki estimates that the network data volume in Finland has increased by one-fifth of the class.

Also on mobile devices the number of users you are Rantamäen according to the increased cottage in the municipality in the same proportion.

the Biggest growth, about 25 per cent, the prospects of the new country and reasonably close to the new land in cottage regions such as, for example, asikkala in Raasepori, Naantali, Salo and pine ridge.

Mobiililikenne has picked up throughout the particular day during. At most, the number has doubled in the teleworking and distance education.

All the Finnish operators assert that network capacity is sufficient for the growing traffic. Capacity is rated at peak which hit the still evening hours.

– also Happens a bit by accident as the timing, that we started last fall, the network improvement mission, which was scheduled to be completed by the summer. This network is now in better shape, the Sami beach hill said.

the Possible new restriction or containment solutions do not in practice have an impact on mobile networks with the use or adequacy.

the Only worry for us is the fact that network maintenance and construction work with the staff to move in the future, Sami Rajamäki said.

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