Catherine Laborde and Évelyne Dhéliat are among these key personalities of TF1. The two weather presenters made an impression with their professionalism at each presentation of the weather report to viewers. If they were colleagues, it is far from being the only thing that united them. Indeed, the two women confided on several occasions on the friendly relationship that bound them to each other.

Interviewed by our Gala colleagues in July 2014, Catherine Laborde explained: “Evelyne and I have known each other for about twenty years. First of all, she was a colleague with whom it is pleasant to work, as she is so energetic and rigorous. , then we forged a bond of friendship. Evelyne was of course at my wedding last November.”

In 2017, Catherine Laborde announced her departure from TF1 during her usual weather report. During her touching farewell, she said a sentence that has remained etched in the memory of millions of viewers: “You will forget me, not me. I love you.”

This June 25, 2022, on the occasion of her intervention in the program 30 years of cult programs on TF1, Évelyne Dhéliat returned to this sentence pronounced by her colleague. “That’s not true. We haven’t forgotten her. She has stayed in our hearts, and we love her.”

The presenter, who is still active, remembers this day which marked her a lot. “It’s very moving, she explains. Because I was in management, and then we were all very moved to see Catherine express herself like this on television”.

While Catherine Laborde continues to fight Lewy body disease today, her friend and former colleague, Évelyne Dhéliat wanted to express her support: “I am always there for her. Life is not a long calm river, but the friendship is still there. My relationship with Catherine goes beyond work”. A look back at their friendship in pictures through our slideshow.