The stock of farmland birds in EU-countries has decreased, according to a study in the past decades by more than half. From 1980 to 2016, approximately 56 percent of the field have disappeared in the EU birds such as Skylark, lapwing, tree Sparrow, or Star, is evident from the statistics of the Europe-wide bird monitoring. The data of the “Vogelzählrat” (European Bird Census Council), an Association of European bird experts, with headquarters in Nijmegen, the Netherlands published.

This is consistent with observations of the Federal Environment Agency for Germany, which sees the existence of representative bird species in the landscape is also reduced. The naturschutzbund Deutschland, a decline of more than 40 per cent of German farmland birds since 1980. As the main causes for the depletion of the field, birds of the intensive agricultural use of land, without retreat, to apply rooms for animals, the fragmentation and urbanisation of the landscape, as well as the sealing of surfaces. Among the field birds, many Red list species, such as the Curlew, meadow Pipit, or the black-tailed Godwit.

How to field-bird-friendly Fields look

How big is the influence and at the same time, the chances of a more environmentally-friendly are agriculture show at the same time, the first results of the Prozjektes “F. R. A. N. Z.,” which was launched by the Michael-Otto-Stiftung, together with the agricultural holdings two years ago. From the Monitoring results of the year-on-year in ten demonstration farms, on which a total of 14 measures to promote biodiversity on the fields to be realized, in the past year, particularly in the case of an extensive grain crop the first successes. Farmland birds and Arable weeds, for example, box, spurge larks and Small – have benefited, apparently, immediately.