you can Jump to the Media, on behalf of the Pro League’s international media rights for the Jupiler Pro League is marketed, is a Belgian football broadcasting rights sold to Italy, Germany, Russia, south africa, South Korea, India, the Middle East and North Africa region. “The Belgian league is one of the fastest growing in the world”, says on Friday in a press release.

the Media Springs, took over in the beginning of 2019 as the exclusive consultancy contracts over the M&P. Silva. The Italian rights holders began in 2018 and go bankrupt. Since the co-operation with the Stockholm-based company took in the Belgian first division to set foot in the new voetbalmarkten. In Europe, deals have closed with the Italian and Sportitalia, and the German Sport1 and Sportdigital Foosball, it is a Russian Match and the TV, and Ukrainian Football, Channell. In South Korea, acquired by Eclat Entertainment, the media company behind pay-tv channels SpoTV, the rights of the.

Earlier in the Jupiler Pro League and more all to be seen in the Japanese commercial broadcaster, Sky PerfecTV, in the Arena of Sports in the Balkan region, Sports Turkey Viasat in the nordic region. In the negotiation of contracts with television channels in India, the Middle East and North Africa are in the final stages.

In Japan, where Morioka is popular, as it was with the JPL to see it. (Photo: Photo News

“The Belgian league is now spread across all major continents”, says Jose Moreno, a partner at Spring Media, it is on the front. “It’s the quality of Belgian football is on the increase. “It is an honor to have such a well-developed product on the market. The co-operation with the Pro-League has been a success story for now. We will inform the media rights may be systematic to the core markets.”

“the public is becoming more and more international. The Belgian league is becoming more and more pronounced in Europe. The next step is to make international expansion,” explains Pierre-François, the chief executive of the Pro League, no date.