The AfD has declared itself in favour of the European Parliament to be abolished in its entirety. On the Europe party Congress on Sunday in the Saxon town of Riesa, a corresponding request was. This was based on the grounds that the EU Parliament “, with its currently privileged 751 deputies” undemocratic. “The law-making competence, we see only in the nation States,” it said in the decision.

Justus Bender

editor in the policy.

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At the same time, the AfD made it clear that it is aiming ultimately for a discharge of the Federal Republic of Germany from the European Union. This step, the party continues, however, to conditions. So he should only be sought when “our basic reform approaches in the existing System, the EU is not in a reasonable period of time to realize”. to exit

Alternatively, one of the EU – the party wants to strive for “an orderly dissolution of the European Union and the establishment of a new European economic and community of interest”. In order for the delegates to have weakened in the slogan of the programme Commission included the formulation significantly. There it was said, the party wants to exit the EU-even if their ideas “were not within a parliamentary term”.