Who hasn’t dreamed of winning the lottery? Every day, many people across the country enter a lottery hoping to win a large sum. However, few people really believe in it and it is common to think “it only happens to others”.

This is probably a reflection that these two sexagenarians from Pas-de-Calais regularly made. Every week, since the creation of EuroMillions in 2004, this couple validated a grid. For almost 20 years, he never won anything. However, the wheel turned on November 4, 2022, when these two people, wishing to remain anonymous, won the jackpot worth 160,788,895 euros. This is the seventh biggest win for La Française des Jeux in France, reports BFMTV.

It was the husband who had validated the winning grid at the tobacconist “Rive droite, rive gauche” in the commune of Houdain. After realizing he had won, he and his wife warned his children and his dog. “You have to behave yourself, you’re a millionaire’s dog now,” the couple reportedly told him.

After more than two weeks, he went to the FDJ to collect the big check: “I had never won anything. , he then declared to the FDJ, as explained by our colleagues from La Voix du Nord.

After winning the jackpot, it now remains to spend it. First of all, the winners shared that they wanted above all to help their children and make their loved ones happy. But they also plan to buy “a second home by the sea and a chalet in the mountains”, as they told the FDJ.

But the couple does not intend to stop there, since trips are also on the program. “To choose the destination, we will spin a globe like in Loto advertising from the 2000s,” they quip. After winning the jackpot, however, will they stop playing? No question, says the husband: “I also won 3.70 euros in the next draw, I was very happy”.