This set is currently a very popular saying of Jean-Claude Juncker. Like the President of the EU Commission repeated to him, not least to address those – particularly in London – is not addressed, the listening to the content like: “we leave the United Kingdom – it is the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.” Juncker’s dictum stands for the strategy, which the 27 EU partners since the adoption of the negotiating guidelines of the heads of state and government at the end of April 2017, and the chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, on your behalf-managed Brexit negotiations track. Accordingly, the British wish to regulate the arrangements for the withdrawal and the required partnership agreements to the game of the 27. It’s not their thing, negotiating offers.

Michael Stabenow

Political correspondent for the European Union, Nato and the Benelux countries.

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It is a procedure that the EU even after the clear rejection of the in November negotiated exit contract by the British house of Commons undaunted. Juncker expressed that although his Regret that the Treaty “a fair compromise and the best possible Deal”, it was a failure. At the same time, however, he said: “I urge the United Kingdom to clarify his intentions as soon as possible.” On Thursday, Barnier reiterated that the EU was going to move out as soon as the British should move away from the mid-2018, on the country estate of Chequers, the Prime Minister, Theresa May has drawn “red lines” in the negotiations.

fundamental freedoms for goods, capital, services

at the Time, had spoken out in May, in particular, against the continuation of a customs Union. Unchanged the 27 insist on the principles of their “guidelines” to the Brexit talks. Accordingly, each agreement with London had to be based “on a balance between Rights and duties” with “fair competition conditions”. If the integrity of the EU single market with its four, beyond the borders-reaching fundamental freedoms for goods, capital, services and citizens should remain, so that a “cherry-picking” by London incompatible.

the context of the negotiations, the EU set up. First of all, the withdrawal of the contract. The clarification of the rights of Britain citizens living in the other 27 States resident British, as well as an understanding of the financial obligations of the London to Brussels should go. In a second step should start on the basis of the also in November, adopted a “Political Declaration” for the target of close partnership and to the formal acceptance of the withdrawal Treaty, the negotiations on the future of relationships.