When buying a new vacuum cleaner consumers in the EU are likely to be found in future devices without energy label in the offer. So far, everyone in the EU sold a vacuum cleaner had to be provided with such a label that is now over, at least for the time being. Because the EU Commission has not filed an appeal against a court judgment, the relevant EU rules by 2013 are void, as a spokeswoman for the authorities in Brussels confirmed the German press Agency. The regulation was to expire on Friday.

Advance a judgment of the EU court. This was decided in November that the energy should be tested in containers, the efficiency of vacuum cleaners empty the Dust. Tests with an empty container would be the real conditions as close as possible, were the judges at that time.

Bagless vacuum cleaner

This a disadvantage, you instead gave a lawsuit from the manufacturer Dyson, the bag is sold loose, vacuum cleaner. The British company had substantiated its claim that the regulation was not misleading. The power consumption of some of the vacuum cleaner increases, the full of the bag. The EU Commission had approximately two months to appeal – but decided against it. The legal basis is not sufficient, said the spokesman.