A new, in the state of Hesse developed method allowed the slaughter of cattle without the transport of Animals, and thus without additional Stress for the animals. The butcher comes with a specially developed battle trailer on the farm.

This is a “huge step forward for an animal-friendly, gentle to the slaughter, and more job protection,” said a Vet Veronika Ibrahim on Monday at the presentation of the method in the North Hesse, Witzenhausen. This is because the unloading at the slaughterhouse, stress the animals and lead to dangerous situations with people.

part mobile slaughter

A composite of farmers, veterinarians, companies and authorities, the procedure for the so-called part mobile slaughter developed. According to the EU hygiene regulation, animals must be alive brought in the slaughterhouses. In the case of the newly developed method, the cow is stunned with a captive bolt equipment on the farm and with a winch in the trailer pulled. There, the butcher puts the deadly cuts. Legally it is possible, because you interpret the trailer as part of the slaughterhouse, said Ingo Franz from the Regierungspräsidium Kassel. The beef must be processed within one hour in the slaughterhouse.